Zola and her "mooks"

When Zola "Heterodyne" first appeared in Mechanicsburg, she made her speech in the town square standing on the base of her "father's" statue, which was surrounded by her minions. This is our first glimpse at the band of redshirts cheerfully dubbed by some "Zolamooks"[1].
Herr Vikel

Herr Vikel (survival status: unknown)

They wear distinctive uniforms — extremely tall stovepipe-style hats; long black sleeveless coats with multiple pockets (something like a modified duster coat, and a high collar with a Heterodyne trilobite brooch; grey-and-charcoal-striped longsleeve shirts; grey trousers; and very dark goggles. The hats seem to have different devices or apparatus fastened to or sticking out of them. (Good cosplay material here.)

They each carry sidearms and a different piece of equipment, such as the round machine used to vaporize the Black Squad. The other devices remain rather mysterious. However, these minions were not exactly hired for their brains but for their sturdiness.

So far, we have seen one lost to a gory Castle trap , another lost to the Castle's sense of humor , the Castle admits to killing a few more , Goon #3 gets non-lethally smacked with a wrench so Zeetha can steal his clothes (he still ended up more covered than she had been up until then - and he's much hairier ), and another is knocked out for refusing to follow Zola's order to "kill nothing ".


  1. Zolamooks is a fan-coined name for Zola's minions. It's catchy, faster to type and excellently descriptive.

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