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Is Zola a Mongfish? Edit

It has been noted that Zola bears a strong resemblance to a portrait of Lucrezia Mongfish .

People who support this theory: Altgorl

  • It's more likely that she deliberately dresses to look like Lucrezia, since she's meant to be masquarading as her daughter. Even Lucrezia's REAL daughter doesn't resemble her that much, so it HAS to be a conscious effort.
  • It seems this is more and more likely as of today's comic. 2010-06-25 (Friday)
  • CONFIRMED: Zola is the daughter of Lucrezia's sister Demonica.

Was Zola Ever an "Innocent Bystander"? Edit

As Gil recounted, Zola got involved with an awful lot of Sparks while in Paris. Perhaps she was manipulating all of them?

Theory: Zola is a spy like Wooster, but better because Gil never figured it out. What if Zola is an agent of the Master of Paris? Evidence:

  • Zola's naive facade from Paris doesn't square with a woman who has coldly sacrificed one person, killed another, and shot a third.
  • Oublenmach thinks Zola will control Castle Heterodyne, but Zola has a device to destroy it supplied by an unknown backer.
  • In Paris, Zola managed to get close to every active spark in Paris, not to mention the incognito Gil.
  • Zola's disappearance from Paris looks just like a spy getting reassigned.
  • Some of Zola's act is unconvincing. She bought Gil's pirate story too easily and she dissolves into tears too quickly when Agatha leans on her.
People who support this theory: Necrotas

Zola's Changes Edit

Zola was a dancer/model/actress/whatever in Paris, who often needed rescuing. This is established. But her behavior, skills & (obvious) training demonstrated inside the Castle outperform this background by light-years. Doesn't d'Or mean Golden or Orange? A color-based name? Several Smoke Knights have color-based names, usually referring to Violet. Could she be a member? Or does the color difference have a significance? A rank difference? A specialty? An entirely different organization, possibly a dissident splinter faction?

People who support this theory: Bosda Di'Chi

Mad Biology As A Source Of Zola's Personality & Aptitude Changes Edit

Zola could have gotten herself killed, & then been re-animated as a Construct, one with abilities & skills hardwired into her brain. It would explain the newly-ruthless personality & behavior.

Bio Theory #2/Electric Brain Boogaloo--Brain transplant. Zola's head has a new tenant. Somebody found a girl of the right type, & then the brain of an experienced agent was transplanted in. The lights are on, but Zola ain't home...

People who support this theory: Bosda Di'Chi
Odd note--as of today, Zola does have somebody else inside her head, just not the way I thought....--Bosda Di'Chi 15:12, July 12, 2010 (UTC)
Zola strikes me as being exceptionally courageous for a bad-guy. I don't know if Professor Foglio intended to cast her as such or not, but that is how it is working for me right now. Billy Catringer 07:14, August 10, 2010 (UTC)

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